Visit Ylöjärvi: Elämykset
Visit Ylöjärvi: Elämykset


Experiences – right here in Ylöjärvi

Want to have something to look back on when you’re old, or laugh yourself silly with your friends? Exciting experiences await you – right here in Ylöjärvi.

In Ylöjärvi, you can sit in the sulky of a harness horse, find your way out of an escape room, roam in the woods, drink campfire coffee on a tree stump, or water ski in a cable park. And how about a round of minigolf, chocolate tasting, or a guided fishing trip? Or swimming in icy water after a sauna bath?

It’s your holiday, so do it your way. Come by yourself, with a friend or with your family. Are you up for the challenge?

Experiences in Ylöjärvi

Browse all destinations, pick your favourite, and dive right in!

Hevonkuusi – Private Forest Experience

Enjoy nature on a day trip or get a wonderful experience while staying overnight in the lean-to! Hevonkuusi private forest is a safe, fenced area reserved for private use, a piece of beautiful Finnish..

Haveri Gold Mine Area

The area of the former Haveri Gold Mine offers many activities and sights for you to enjoy. The mine was opened in the 18th century, and a mine tower and large, rocky open pit can still be seen in the..

Iloisen Pojan Street Food Bar

Iloisen Pojan Street Food bar is a cosy restaurant in Ylöjärvi which offers tasty street food like special burgers, tortillas, salads, vegetarian food and à la carte portions. The restaurant prefe..

Ylöjärvi Brewery Taproom

Main brewery taproom with 10 fresh draft beers and take-aways. Open kitchen that serves fresh Mad Finn style pizza and BBQ at summer times at the patio...

Forest Walk with Llamas

Get to know the enchanting llamas and do a refreshing forest walk with them, empowering from nature, enjoying the scent of the trees and leaving the stress behind. In Villa Alpaca we let you just rest..

Trail Riding and Riding Lessons

At Tuulensilta you can throw yourself into the world of Icelandic horses. The stable offers trail riding experiences for both experienced riders and beginners, as well as riding lessons where you can ..

Tiitiäinen Forest

The Forest of Tiitäinen contains a number of spruces, pines, and aspens that go up to the heights. The twenty-seven hectare forest is located in the vicinity of the Ylöjärvi town centre, right next..

The Beach and Park Area of Räikkä

The beautiful and close-to-nature beach of Räikkä is located in a wide park area called Räikkä. At the child-friendly beach you will find a swimming pier, toilets and changing rooms. During the ba..

Seitseminen Nature Centre

The Seitseminen Nature Centre is a treasure trove of nature information and a year-round base for hikers. Its exhibitions take you on a hike through a deep forest. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee. ..

Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail

The lakeside Pikku-Ahvenisto nature trail is ideal for nature excursions. The nature trail is located next to Lake Pikku-Ahvenisto in the esker area of Ylöjärvi. Going round the lake, the trail is e..

Elämyslaari´s Experience Package

The content of each day is tailored to each customer’s wishes, and some activities can be arranged as competitive events. Activities: Quak bike safari, Off-road safari, Ice rally, Precision shootin..

Guided Fishing Trip in Ylöjärvi

With a fishing guide you can get more out of these beautiful lakes in Ylöjärvi. We make fishing trips on lake Näsijärvi, lake Karhejärvi and other lakes nearby. The price includes boat, guide ser..

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