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Visit Ylöjärvi: Lasten kanssa
Visit Ylöjärvi: Lasten kanssa

For Families

Holidaying with kids – right here in Ylöjärvi

Got the whole family packed in the car and need somewhere to go? Does your bunch enjoy fresh outdoor air and the peace of nature? How about cooking sausages on a campfire? Or would a hobby horse course or beaches be your thing? In the Räikkä area, for example, you can easily spend many hours. We invite all children and child-minded adults to explore the possibilities.

If you’re looking for a greater challenge, check out the Ylöjärvi Retkelle map service for less well-known trails and destinations. And check out the City of Ylöjärvi’s event calendar for top tips for your family!

You can also find great ideas for family holiday activities on this page. Relax and let us suggest the most suitable destination for you.

Discover the child-friendly destinations in Ylöjärvi

Browse all destinations, pick your favourite, and go on a trip with the kids!

Serlapuisto Beach

Beautiful sandy and child-friendly beach in Siivikkala by the lake Näsijärvi. The services include an ice cream kiosk in the summer as well as changing rooms and toilets. At Serlapuisto you will al..

Aro Beach

Beatiful beach by the lake Keijärvi with changing rooms, toilets and a football court. Toilets are located near the parking lot...

Ylöjärvi Local History Museum

Come to experience the old way of living in Ylöjärvi! The museum comprises 11 buildings, the oldest of which dates back to the 18th century. There is a large number of artefacts, such as old tools, ..

Hevonkuusi – Private Forest Experience

Enjoy nature on a day trip or get a wonderful experience while staying overnight in the lean-to! Hevonkuusi private forest is a safe, fenced area reserved for private use, a piece of beautiful Finnish..

Ylöjärvi Indoor Swimming Pool and Sports Centre

Ylöjärvi Indoor Swimming Pool and Sports Centre facility offers two 25-metre lanes, a cold plunge pool, children’s teaching and paddling pool, and a slide. There is also a gym and opportunities fo..

Haveri Gold Mine Area

The area of the former Haveri Gold Mine offers many activities and sights for you to enjoy. The mine was opened in the 18th century, and a mine tower and large, rocky open pit can still be seen in the..

Kuru Open Air Museum and Ensign Stål’s Cabin

Kuru Open Air Museum is open in summer. Its main attraction is Ensign Stål’s cabin, where Finland’s national poet J. L. Runeberg was inspired by the tales of Ensign Polviander. There are a total ..

Kuusela Beach

Kuusela beach is located next to the lake Näsijärvi. The beach has changing rooms and toilets. You can also use the pier at Kuusela beach for swimming...

Riuttaskorpi Forest

Riuttaskorpi forest is an area in Kuru, Ylöjärvi, where you can go and enjoy the nature. There are around 15 kilometers of marked trails with four parking lots and five campfire places/sheds. You ca..

Hevossaari Beach

You can find both sand and grass on Hevossaari beach. The beach is shallow, so it is child-friendly. You can also use the pier on the beach to take a dip in Lake Keihäsjärvi. There are changing roo..

Kuttuniska Trail

Kuttuniska trail can be found in Kuru (Ylöjärvi), by the Karjula river. The trail is a 3,5 kilometer route and you get to see the Karjula river from both sides. Kuttuniska is also part of the hiking..

Kuru Library

Kuru Library provides library services and guidance on the Ylöjärvi City’s services. The library is open as self-service library early in the morning, in the evenings and at weekends. Library coll..

Paijala Beach

Paijala beach is a small but beautiful sandy beach with changing rooms and toilets. It is located on the shore of the idyllic lake Kyrösjärvi...

Haveri Beach

Sandy beach by the beautiful lake Kyrösjärvi. Changing rooms and toilets are awailable. In addition, you can find a volleyball court, playground and outdoor gym at Haveri beach...

Tiitiäinen Forest

The Forest of Tiitäinen contains a number of spruces, pines, and aspens that go up to the heights. The twenty-seven hectare forest is located in the vicinity of the Ylöjärvi town centre, right next..

Trees Nature Trail around Lake Veittijärvi

The Trees nature trail features information boards about 14 species of trees growing in Finland. The boards also tell you about how these species have been used in different times for purposes such as..

Räikkä Cross-Country Skiing Trail

The cross-country skiing trail of Räikkä area will be snowed as soon as the weather is favorable. The length of the trail depends on the snow situation, the longest trail is about 1,6 kilometers. Th..

The Beach and Park Area of Räikkä

The beautiful and close-to-nature beach of Räikkä is located in a wide park area called Räikkä. At the child-friendly beach you will find a swimming pier, toilets and changing rooms. During the ba..

Seitseminen Nature Centre

The Seitseminen Nature Centre is a treasure trove of nature information and a year-round base for hikers. Its exhibitions take you on a hike through a deep forest. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee. ..

Murto Beach

Murto beach is located next to the beautiful lake Keijärvi. Road Keijärventie will take you to the beach. Here you can either play in the grass or chill on the sandy beach. In Murto beach you can fi..

Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail

The lakeside Pikku-Ahvenisto nature trail is ideal for nature excursions. The nature trail is located next to Lake Pikku-Ahvenisto in the esker area of Ylöjärvi. Going round the lake, the trail is e..

Skate Park

Ylöjärvi has a 1,500 square meter skate park full of things to do. You can find the skate park in Elovainio area in Ulkoilijantie, behind the training center Valo. The park has plenty of space for ..

Mutala Beach

Mutala beach is located next to the beautiful lake Näsijärvi. The beach is situated in the small village of Mutala and there are changing rooms and toilet available...

Karhe Beach

Karhe beach is located in the small village of Karhe, next to Karhejärvi. There are changing rooms and toilet at the beach...

Ylöjärvi Main Library Leija

Ylöjärvi Main Library Leija has a diverse selection of literature for people of all ages, as well as records, sheet music, films, musical instruments, magazines, newspapers, games and sports equipme..

Viljakkala Library

Viljakkala Library provides library services and guidance on the Ylöjärvi City’s services. The library is open as self-service library early in the morning, in the evenings and at weekends. Librar..

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