Visit Ylöjärvi: Retkeily
Visit Ylöjärvi: Retkeily


Hiking – right here in Ylöjärvi

The smell of pine forest is everywhere and a vast esker landscape opens up before you. A pot of coffee is brewing on an open flame. You unwrap your packed lunch, thinking there’s still time to go to a cabin or Seitseminen National Park for an evening hike. Wherever you wish to be – by a lake, in the shade of a forest, on a hike or by a campfire – this page will get you into the right mood!

Seitseminen National Park is one of the most popular destinations in Ylöjärvi. Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail, found in the esker area, is the number one choice for families with children and those who like to be close to the town centre. From Ylöjärvi, you can cycle round Lake Näsijärvi or to one of the spots featured below. See the nature destinations and routes for active travellers on this page to make the most of your trip!

You can go hiking on your own or with a local guide. Read about organisers of guided trips here. You can also check out the Ylöjärvi Retkelle map service for canoeing and hiking routes.

Excursion destinations, nature trails and hiking routes in Ylöjärvi

Browse all destinations, pick your favourite, and start an active holiday in Ylöjärvi!

Hevonkuusi – Private Forest Experience

Enjoy nature on a day trip or get a wonderful experience while staying overnight in the lean-to! Hevonkuusi private forest is a safe, fenced area reserved for private use, a piece of beautiful Finnish..

Jylhänkoski Waterfall

We have our very own Niagara Falls, only the scale is smaller! Jylhänkoski is a small, refreshing waterfall sight, located in the area of Kuru village in Ylöjärvi city. The waterfall flows in the m..

Tree Mountain

Initiated in 1982, Tree Mountain is an environmental art project designed to increase humanity’s commitment to securing ecological, social and cultural well-being. Tree Mountain is elliptical in sh..

Riuttaskorpi Forest

Riuttaskorpi forest is an area in Kuru, Ylöjärvi, where you can go and enjoy the nature. There are around 15 kilometers of marked trails with four parking lots and five campfire places/sheds. You ca..

Kuttuniska Trail

Kuttuniska trail can be found in Kuru (Ylöjärvi), by the Karjula river. The trail is a 3,5 kilometer route and you get to see the Karjula river from both sides. Kuttuniska is also part of the hiking..

Charter Cruises in Tampere

You can book the whole ship and crew just for your group. You decide the amount of hours and service you want. Own drinks and food are welcome on our boats. Several catering options...

Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi Canoeing Services

The canoeing services on Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi were strongly developed in 2021. Both lakes have now their own canoeing routes and services. Especially on the side of Lake Näsijärvi there are s..

Forest Walk with Llamas

Get to know the enchanting llamas and do a refreshing forest walk with them, empowering from nature, enjoying the scent of the trees and leaving the stress behind. In Villa Alpaca we let you just rest..

Seitseminen National Park

Experience how crofters used to make their living in these remote backwoods at the heritage farm at Kovero. Learn about the park's flora and fauna at the pleasant Seitseminen Nature Centre – the bes..

Tiitiäinen Forest

The Forest of Tiitäinen contains a number of spruces, pines, and aspens that go up to the heights. The twenty-seven hectare forest is located in the vicinity of the Ylöjärvi town centre, right next..

Trees Nature Trail around Lake Veittijärvi

The Trees nature trail features information boards about 14 species of trees growing in Finland. The boards also tell you about how these species have been used in different times for purposes such as..

Seitseminen Nature Centre

The Seitseminen Nature Centre is a treasure trove of nature information and a year-round base for hikers. Its exhibitions take you on a hike through a deep forest. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee. ..

Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail

The lakeside Pikku-Ahvenisto nature trail is ideal for nature excursions. The nature trail is located next to Lake Pikku-Ahvenisto in the esker area of Ylöjärvi. Going round the lake, the trail is e..

Elämyslaari´s Experience Package

The content of each day is tailored to each customer’s wishes, and some activities can be arranged as competitive events. Activities: Quak bike safari, Off-road safari, Ice rally, Precision shootin..

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