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Visit Ylöjärvi: Kalastus
Visit Ylöjärvi: Kalastus

Lakes & fishing

Water sports, fishing and boating in Ylöjärvi

Nature in Ylöjärvi is characterised by numerous lakes. In the east, Ylöjärvi is bordered by Lake Näsijärvi, in the west there’s Lake Kyrösjärvi with its wide open waters, and in the north we have Lake Aurejärvi. These and dozens of smaller lakes attract anglers, boaters and swimmers.

The Zanderland website provides extensive information on the fishing areas and permits in the Tampere Region. Fishing permits can be purchased online from the Metsähallitus website.

The website contains information about fishing spots in almost all municipalities, including Ylöjärvi.

On the pages of the Federation of Finnish Fisheries Association, you can find general information about fishing and permits. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry both regulates fishing rights and methods and promotes the management of fish stocks to ensure their vitality.

Ylöjärvi is a boater’s paradise rich in fish

Browse all destinations, pick your favourite, and let the waves carry you away!

Port of Kuru

The port of Kuru is a great place to stop while boating on Näsijärvi. At the port of Kuru you can find guest spots for boats. It is a great place to stop for a while with a place for campfire and a ..

Charter Cruises in Tampere

You can book the whole ship and crew just for your group. You decide the amount of hours and service you want. Own drinks and food are welcome on our boats. Several catering options...

JPH Fishing & Outdoor

Guided fishing on lake Näsijärvi from Tampere. A fishing trip can take a few hours or even an entire day. During the day we can enjoy lunch either ashore on the island or while fishing on a boat...

Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi Canoeing Services

The canoeing services on Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi were strongly developed in 2021. Both lakes have now their own canoeing routes and services. Especially on the side of Lake Näsijärvi there are s..

The Beach and Park Area of Räikkä

The beautiful and close-to-nature beach of Räikkä is located in a wide park area called Räikkä. At the child-friendly beach you will find a swimming pier, toilets and changing rooms. During the ba..

Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail

The lakeside Pikku-Ahvenisto nature trail is ideal for nature excursions. The nature trail is located next to Lake Pikku-Ahvenisto in the esker area of Ylöjärvi. Going round the lake, the trail is e..

Elämyslaari´s Experience Package

The content of each day is tailored to each customer’s wishes, and some activities can be arranged as competitive events. Activities: Quak bike safari, Off-road safari, Ice rally, Precision shootin..

Guided Fishing Trip in Ylöjärvi

With a fishing guide you can get more out of these beautiful lakes in Ylöjärvi. We make fishing trips on lake Näsijärvi, lake Karhejärvi and other lakes nearby. The price includes boat, guide ser..

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