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Visit Ylöjärvi: Uniikit luontokohteet
Visit Ylöjärvi: Uniikit luontokohteet

Unique natural spots

Exceptional outdoor experiences – right here in Ylöjärvi

A unique place or object is something that awakens all your senses and makes you feel you’re experiencing something exceptional. Have you had such moments? Let us take you on a special journey to Ylöjärvi – we guarantee you’ll be surprised!

On Tree Mountain, an environmental work of art, the powers of man and nature unite. One of the aims has been to landscape an old gravel pit. Over the years, the trees planted according to a mathematical formula have grown bigger, and yet the elliptic pattern is still discernible. Did you know that Ylöjärvi is also home to the only waterfall in the Tampere Region? Especially in spring and autumn, Jylhänkoski flows with a roar and gives you an experience you’ll not find easily in the south of Finland.

Explore all the unique attractions in Ylöjärvi and see below on how to treat yourself or your loved ones to surprises!

Unique natural spots in Ylöjärvi

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Jylhänkoski Waterfall

We have our very own Niagara Falls, only the scale is smaller! Jylhänkoski is a small, refreshing waterfall sight, located in the area of Kuru village in Ylöjärvi city. The waterfall flows in the m..

Tree Mountain

Initiated in 1982, Tree Mountain is an environmental art project designed to increase humanity’s commitment to securing ecological, social and cultural well-being. Tree Mountain is elliptical in sh..

Tiitiäinen Forest

The Forest of Tiitäinen contains a number of spruces, pines, and aspens that go up to the heights. The twenty-seven hectare forest is located in the vicinity of the Ylöjärvi town centre, right next..

Teivo Stairs and Outdoor Gym

Teivo offers a great workout spot in the middle of the nature! After you take the climb up the 161 stairs of Teivo, you find a versatile outdoor gym waiting for you...

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