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Visit Ylöjärvi: Ravintolat ja kahvilat
Visit Ylöjärvi: Ravintolat ja kahvilat

Restaurants & Cafés

Flavours galore in Ylöjärvi: know these restaurants and cafés yet?

Eating out or going to a café are the high points of a holiday or daily life! In Ylöjärvi, you can find eateries in the Elovainio area, Soppeenmäki and Kirkonseutu. You can also fill your stomach in the centre of Kuru and in Haveri, Viljakkala. There are restaurants catering to many tastes, from lunch places and pizzerias to ethnic restaurants and chicken bars – not to mention great burger joints.

Ylöjärvi offers a range of treats and flavours

Browse all destinations – warning: this will make you hungry!

Pepper Bar & Restaurant Ylöjärvi

Pepper Bar & Restaurant is a restaurant in Ylöjärvi. On weekdays the restaurant offers lunch. In addition, you can always order from the menu...

Iloisen Pojan Street Food Bar

Iloisen Pojan Street Food bar is a cosy restaurant in Ylöjärvi which offers tasty street food like special burgers, tortillas, salads, vegetarian food and à la carte portions. The restaurant prefe..

Ylöjärvi Brewery Taproom

Main brewery taproom with 10 fresh draft beers and take-aways. Open kitchen that serves fresh Mad Finn style pizza and BBQ at summer times at the patio...

Forest Walk with Llamas

Get to know the enchanting llamas and do a refreshing forest walk with them, empowering from nature, enjoying the scent of the trees and leaving the stress behind. In Villa Alpaca we let you just rest..

Seitseminen Nature Centre

The Seitseminen Nature Centre is a treasure trove of nature information and a year-round base for hikers. Its exhibitions take you on a hike through a deep forest. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee. ..

Vanha Räikkä Building

Vanha Räikkä is a nearly 200-year-old building located on Ylöjärvi Town Hall Square. It serves as a versatile venue for gatherings and events. Vanha Räikkä and its cabinets can be rented for me..

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